Research project Need for nuts

In progress

Health guidelines recommend the daily consumption of nuts. However, the current nut area in Flanders is limited. This project investigates the potential of nut cultivation and processing in Flanders to stimulate sustainable land use, sustainable food production and a local protein supply. A market study, in which both consumers and producers are interviewed, will help paint a picture of the current balance between supply and demand. A monitoring programme will be used to decide the most suitable varieties for nut cultivation in Flanders. The oil and protein content or the feed value of several nuts, nut products and nut by-products is determined.

A potential revenue model for Flemish nut cultivation will be developed and the biggest bottlenecks, research needs and opportunities are reported. All these actions serve to highlight the possibilities of Flemish walnut and hazelnut cultivation in the context of the Flemish protein strategy.

Do you grow or process walnuts or hazelnuts? Be sure to let us know! We would like to interview nut growers and processors to collect the needed information.

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