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field at PHAE
The aim of AGROMIX, which stands for “AGROforestry and MIXed farming systems”, is to conduct participatory research to stimulate the transition to resilient and efficient land use in Europe.

Agroforestry 2025

In progress
scheep on fruit orchard
Within the project ‘AGROFORESTRY 2025’ we aim to increase the applicability of agroforestry within the Flemish agricultural sector.


In progress
sheep in the shade
The project Weidescherm includes the assignment ‘Determining adequate planting as shelter for animals that are kept outside’.

Voederbomen (fodder trees)

In progress
Fodder trees for organic ruminants (dairy, beef, goat and sheep farmers)


In progress
alley cropping site farmlife
FARM LIFE is aimed at the transition towards climate-resilient, diversified and multi-layered agricultural systems, with a particular focus on agroforestry practices.


outdoor area for pigs
Inagro, ILVO and a number of committed pig farmers worked together in the context of this project to use agroforestry to set up an outdoor area for pigs.


Kippen vrije uitloop, tussen het groen
LEGCOMBIO: Creating added value in organic agriculture through sustainable combinations of crops with poultry

AFINET - Agroforestry innovation network

fruit tree orchard
AFINET stimulates innovative agroforestry practices by improving the exchange of knowledge between farmers and foresters, researchers, policymakers, advisors, practical centres, etc.

Agroforestry in Flanders

walnut tree row
Agroforestry Flanders: an economically viable response to the demand for agroecological production methods

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