Agroforestry Planner

Agroforestry Planner: a web tool journey

The "Agroforestry Planner", developed with the partners of Agroforestry Flanders, is a digital platform that aims to support farmers, advisors, and (agroforestry) experts by offering a variety of decision-support tools. By clicking on the image below, you will be taking a journey to our collection of web tools which touch different topics, such as creating a plan for your agroforestry field, tree selection, estimating carbon storage, conducting a cost-benefit analysis, and calculating nut harvest costs. Please mind that these tools are created for the Flemish context. Once you want to use these tools for other countries, keep in mind that the outcome might differ in reality for your country of interest (i.e. with different climates, economics, soil types, etc.). DigitAF collects tools from various European countries, so it is worthwhile to visit their website! Perhaps, there is a tool available for your country of interest.

Agroforestry Planner

DENTRO available from July 2024DENTRO is a tree species choice tool that is currently still under development, but this tool will be based on the Tree Choice Matrix (in BETULA). The Tree Choice Matrix is a useful tool that assesses many tree species against various criteria, such as growing site suitability, climate, livestock and wildlife, provenance, target analysis and feasibility analysis, for the Flemish context.
BETULABETULABETULA is a design tool that can help interested farmers, consultants and other applicators to draw up a concrete plan for the design of an agroforestry plot. Step by step, the user is guided through the various choices and aspects that need attention: from objective and tree species selection to effective planting and maintenance, management and regulatory concerns.
INTACTINTACT available from the end of May 2024INTACT (INTeractive Agroforestry Cost-benefit Tool) is a dynamic calculation tool that allows you to interactively estimate the costs and benefits for the trees and shrubs in your agroforestry project. This tool helps you to take into account all components of the investment and maintenance costs, as well as the expected income, step by step. INTACT is therefore composed of four different user-friendly modules: 1) Basic information, 2) Costs, 3) Benefits and 4) Cost-benefit analysis. After you have gone through all modules, INTACT generates an outcome that summarises and visualises your choices in the form of a table and graph. The aim of INTACT is to help you estimate (more correctly) the financial effects of your plans in advance.

The tool focuses specifically on the costs and benefits related to the trees and shrubs (without crops and without animals) within the agroforestry system, making it a partial financial analysis. INTACT is thus not intended for integral business analysis.

  • The manual will appear here soon.
CARATCARATTotal carbon storage in agroforestry systems is situation-specific and consequently difficult to generalise. This includes the effect of tree density, tree species, tree age and soil management. The Soil Science Service of Belgium, ILVO and Fornalab - UGent, all partners of the Consortium Agroforestry Vlaanderen, therefore developed the carbon calculation tool CARAT. Using this tool, a better estimate can be made of the expected carbon storage in the trees and in the soil of a specific agroforestry plot over time. This takes into account, among other things, the selected tree species(s), planting distances and soil type. More info about CARAT can be found here.

Based on your personal data, this interactive calculation tool gives you targeted advice for cost-efficient harvesting of your acreage of nuts. Together with the fixed parameters (working width, harvesting speed, fuel consumption, purchase price, depreciation period and machine loading capacity), it then calculates the cost price of harvesting your acreage with different machines for your specific situation (both with and without shaker). Of course, we do want to stress that this is a proposal based on theoretical calculations and only a limited number of machines are included in this calculation tool. It therefore remains important to check for yourself whether the proposed machines are suitable for your farming system. The objective of MIMOSA is to support making the right choices considering scale and farm specific preferences, labour availability, etc.