Agroforestry Planner

Agroforestry Planner: a web tool journey

The "Agroforestry Planner", developed with the partners of Agroforestry Flanders, is a digital platform that aims to support farmers, advisors, and (agroforestry) experts by offering a variety of decision-support tools.

By clicking on the link below, you will be taking a journey to our collection of web tools which touch different topics, such as creating a plan for your agroforestry field, tree selection, estimating carbon storage, conducting a cost-benefit analysis, and calculating nut harvest costs.

Welcome at the Agroforestry Planner!

> Please mind that these tools are created for the Flemish context. Once you want to use these tools for other countries, keep in mind that the outcome might differ in reality for your country of interest (i.e. with different climates, economics, soil types, etc.). DigitAF collects tools from various European countries, so it is worthwhile to visit the website! Perhaps, there is a tool available for your country of interest.

> The majority of tools are still in Dutch (except for CARAT). We are currently working on translating these tools for English speakers. We thank you for your patience in the meantime.