Agroforestry: an economically profitable answer to the demand for agro ecological production methods?

Agroforestry offers many opportunities to enhance farm resilience and respond to future challenges in Flemish (and West European) agriculture. Some examples are diversification in production and supplying a wide range of ecosystem services. Economically speaking, the expected increase in demand for locally produced fruit and nuts, but also biomass and high-quality wood products may make agroforestry a shock-proof investment for farmers. Agroforestry potentially meets the social demand for eco-efficient agro-ecological production methods while being economically profitable.

Nevertheless, experience with agroforestry in Flanders remains rather modest. In addition to stumbling blocks regarding legal and administration issues, several technical, organizational and economical questions remain unanswered.

It is the objective of the Consortium Agroforestry Flanders to tackle these issues throughout their activities and projects.

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