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What is AFINET?

AFINET stimulates innovative agroforestry practices by improving the exchange of knowledge between farmers and foresters, researchers, policymakers, advisors, practical centres, etc.
AFINET is a European thematic network with 13 partners from Spain, the United Kingdom, Belgium (ILVO and Inagro), Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Italy, France and Finland. The project is coordinated by the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

How does the AFINET project work?

Regional Agroforestry Innovation Networks (RAINs) have been established in each of the partner countries. These are working groups in which farmers and other stakeholders meet regularly to share experiences and seek out opportunities to optimise existing agroforestry practices. Each RAIN focuses on a specific topic, depending on the interests of its members. These interests were therefore identified in consultation with the members. In Flanders, the focus is on fruit and nut trees in various cultivation systems.

Each RAIN is supervised by a coordinator. This coordinator is responsible for developing relationships within a regional network, and for stimulating the exchange of knowledge with the other partner countries involved in the project.

What information and knowledge are exchanged?

AFINET builds up knowledge to gain more insight into the application of agroforestry. This is done by responding to knowledge gaps and challenges that agroforestry users face, by creating better access to research results (both published and unpublished) on the one hand, and by identifying and disseminating good practices and innovative ideas on the other hand.

How will the information and knowledge be disseminated?

AFINET uses a variety of strategies to effectively disseminate information: technical sheets, videos, manuals, newsletters, training courses, and other publications. These materials will be included in the Knowledge Cloud (KC), a user-friendly online archive that will summarise as much information as possible about agroforestry.
Regional activities, training sessions and conferences will also be organised during the project to share knowledge.

How will AFINET make a difference?

AFINET supports the application of innovations developed by the RAINs, encourages new operational groups, and develops relationships with regional/national policymakers. Through its network of partners, AFINET distributes local solutions devised by a regional RAIN to other regions and countries. Thanks to AFINET's active participation in the 'European Innovation Partnership' on 'Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability', the ideas from the RAIN network contribute to the development of the future European research agenda. A session will be organised in the European Parliament in Brussels to share the results of the AFINET project with policymakers from the European Commission.


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